Warwick Analytics, the UK scaleup developing machine learning platforms for text recognition, joins EIT Digital Accelerator

The fast-growing digital infrastructure scaleup Warwick Analytics that has developed a powerful machine learning platform for text such as voice of customer data, ideal for contact centre automation and actionable insight, and other businesses processes, has joined EIT Digital’s Accelerator.

Data Scientists spend over 80% of their time preparing data for analysis. This increases costs of analysis and makes the results being out-of-date quickly.

Founded in London in 2011, Warwick Analytics was spun-out of The University of Warwick has developed PrediCX, a text classification tool using proprietary machine learning algorithms which asks for minimal human input to maximise the performance of the machine learning models. The tool can be deployed by business users as well as data scientists and handles unstructured data including text.

The use cases are early warning and root cause of issues, as well as automation and harmonisation across different data silos. The benefits are significant increases in loyalty and satisfaction as well as reducing the costs and speed of service

Dan Somers, CEO of Warwick Analytics explains: “By joining the accelerator of EIT Digital we are going to benefit great support to help us reach new markets in Europe and also access a network of potential partners and support of growth outside our frontiers”.

Competitive Advantages of Warwick Analytics:

  • Proprietary technology: Optimized Learning allows PrediCX to deliver elite performance, even as data changes over time, or new signals appear.
  • Data are classified accurately by actionable concepts not keywords. Accuracy is explicit per class.
  • API allows simple and frictionless integration into your existing platforms. Internal workflows/processes can be quickly and easily integrated.
  • Minimum effort, maximum output: PrediCX invites 'human-in-the-loop' input only when required. This validation maximizes the performance while minimising human effort.
  • No data scientist required: PrediCX can be setup and maintained by any team member. Quick and easy set up via UI.

About Warwick Analytics

Spinout from The University of Warwick, providing automated predictive analytics for structured and unstructured data. Founded in 2011 originally to provide early warning for manufacturing issues with heterogeneous datasets, Warwick Analytics have since expanded the technology into other sectors such as transportation, finance, life sciences, retail and consumer products.

The use cases are maintenance, marketing, customer experience, customer services and risk management. Warwick Analytics flagship product is PrediCX.

PrediCX is a text classification tool using proprietary machine learning algorithms which ask for help from a 'Human-in-the-Loop'​ only when needed, in the minimal way to maximize its performance.

PrediCX is currently used by leading brands in financial services, travel, leisure, telecoms and engineering to help automate customer processes and analyse voice of customer data. The company has won many global awards in Silicon Valley and Europe including SAP Most Innovative Partner, DEMO, Cisco EIR, Frost & Sullivan Manufacturing Software, Maritime Innovation Award and Pulse Energy Award.

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