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EIT Digital Master School on the road - Athens (Greece), March 2, 2017

EIT Digital Master School on the road - Athens (Greece), March 2, 2017

'The Digital Innovation Game'

'The Digital Innovation Game'

Join the EIT Digital Master School and get a chance to shape the future of Europe's digital transformation

The EIT Digital Master School is on the road, looking for undergraduates in computer science and information technology who want to master innovation and entrepreneurial skills and aim for a successful and fulfilling career. Over the course of the next two months, the EIT Digital Master School will be in eleven European cities with an exciting role-playing game to inspire the young innovators of tomorrow.

Digital talents are highly needed in today's and tomorrow's society. The digital transformation of the industry is coming hard and fast. According to McKinsey, the more aggressively companies respond to the digitisation of their industries - up to and including initiating digital disruption - the better the effect on their projected revenue and profit growth will be.[1] More and more researchers insist that the economy will need well-educated skilled workers that not only have IT Knowledge, but also entrepreneurial spirit. Additionally, diversity is an issue according to the European Commission which states: "We need to raise the number of students in ICT, especially women."[2]

Dr. Patrick Hartigan, Head of the EIT Digital Master School, is leading the way to educate Europe's digital talents. Therefore, he is on the road throughout Europe to find the right students willing to learn the skills for Europe's digital transformation. “Learning how to turn technology into business in an international environment, is a ticket to a successful and fulfilling career," says Hartigan. Hartigan says that he expects about 400 enrolments this year. The graduates end up well. 100% of the former graduates are either employed directly or continue their studies (76% in a job, 24% doctoral students) and 58% plan to eventually found their own startup.

Come meet the EIT Digital Master School

From now until April 11, Hartigan and his EIT Digital Master School crew are inviting undergraduates who are looking for a master school programme in computer science and information technology to play the Digital Innovation Game. In this role-playing game, the students can get a taste of the EIT Digital Master School by sliding into the shoes of digital entrepreneurs. In most cases, The Digital Innovation Game is organised on the same day as international student fair where the EIT Digital Master School crew will be present as well. Undergraduates can sign up for free to play the game. There is a limit of 50 people who can play the game per city.

The EIT Digital Master School offers eight two-year European Masters programmes in computer science and information technology, with a focus on innovation and entrepreneurship (I&E). During the two-year programme, students study at two of the 19 different partner universities in different countries leading to a double degree and an EIT-labelled Certificate.

EIT Digital Master School programmes
Cloud Computing and Services (CCS)
Data Science (DSC)
Digital Media Technology (DMT)
Embedded Systems (ES)
Human Computer Interaction and Design (HCID)
Internet Technology and Architecture (ITA)
Security and Privacy (S&P)
Software and Service Architectures (SSA)

Roadshow locations:

February 28
Thessaloniki (Greece)
March 2
Athens (Greece)
March 7
Barcelona (Spain)
March 9
Lisbon (Portugal)
March 11
Paris (France)
March 18
Naples (Italy)
March 23
Bologna (Italy)
March 24
Brussels (Belgium)
March 25
Milan (Italy)
April 5 or 6
Riga (Letland)
April 11 or 12
Cluj (Romania)

[1] Bughin, J., LaBerge, L., Mellbye, A.m (January 2017). The case for digital reinvention.
[2] European Commission

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