VideoCaf3 creates a social space between ICT 2013 and EIT ICT Labs nodes

The VideoCaf3 is regularly used for informal social interaction and communication between most of the EIT ICT Labs nodes. During the ICT 2013 in Vilnius the system is demonstrated in association with a carrier project in the EuroAfrica-ICT booth, in the International Village, 02.10.

The setup is a result of a research project at KTH that is now being commercialized. It has proven to be a useful and fun communication tool, appreciated by staff and students who can connect and keep in touch. The Videocaf3 offers a new kind of video-conferencing system intended to be used for light informal social interaction, blending different forms of media seamlessly that supports casual encounters, like chats, games or sharing information. 

Take the opportunity to network 6th-8th of November whether you are in Vilnius, Eindhoven, Helsinki, Berlin or in Stockholm! 

For more information about the Videocaf3 contact Konrad Tollmar, KTH

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