Ultrasonic technology scaleup CopSonic joins EIT Digital Accelerator

CopSonic is a technology that allows communication and interaction between two devices through sound waves.

CopSonic is a technology that allows communication and interaction between two devices through sound waves.


French scaleup, CopSonic has joined the EIT Digital Accelerator to accelerate their plans for growth and gain access to new European markets and financing.

Founded in 1989, CopSonic enables highly-secured communication and interaction between devices through a unique system of ultrasound waves. CopSonic technology is hardware agnostic: data transfers for transactions like contactless secured payments, controlling smart home devices or contactless computer logins in a highly secured way are achieved through a device’s existing microphones and speakers. No specific additional hardware is required (unlike Bluetooth LE, NFC, or Lifi). The authentication and control of the system occur on CopSonic’s online and offline platforms.

By joining the EIT Digital Accelerator, CopSonic will benefit from support from the organisation’s Access to Finance team who will assist them in their fund-raising objectives and also from business developers in the key European markets they want to reach.

Emmanuel Ruiz, CEO and founder of CopSonic explains: "We aim to benefit from the expertise of EIT Digital to help us expand our development in Europe. In order to achieve this, we are focusing on three fast-growing vertical markets that include: secured payments, secured IoT connectivity and proximity detection. We are also looking to expand in key European markets including the Nordics, Germany, UK and the Netherlands. Therefore we are very happy to start our collaboration with the EIT Digital Accelerator team to help us achieve our goals."

About CopSonic

CopSonic is a French family company founded in 1989.

Specialized over 20 years in digital audio solutions and new technologies, they are one of the first companies to have developed mixing mp3 players and audio effects in 1996 (Virtual Dj+ from GMixon).

Its Audio R&D Laboratory has been studying over the past years the communication and encryption of digital data and has discovered the possibility of modulating digital data into sound (acoustic waves). In 2013, the company filed patent applications around this innovation and started the introduction of the technology on the international market as a contactless universal mobile payment solution. The CopSonic technology was made public in 2013 and dedicated its activities to the development and marketing of the different ultrasonic connectivity solutions. In the following months, the technology rapidly evolved proposing new use cases in 3 activity sectors: Security, IoT and Proximity.

Clients in beta testing: Natixis, Airbus, Cora, Accenture.

Key Business Targets include:

  1. Cyber Security: e-payments, identity management, ATM/POS/EPT interaction
  2. Secured IOT Connectivity: remote control for IOT and switches, industrial IOT, E-locks
  3. Proximity: Crowd interaction, Indoor-location, geofencing/ geomarketing

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