UK Scaleup Hello Soda joins the EIT Digital Accelerator

August, 2016 - London: Hello Soda, a UK scale-up specialist in big data and text analytics, has joined the EIT Digital Accelerator to access new customers and partner opportunities.

Hello Soda was founded in 2013 and develops innovative solutions for various business processes, including ID verification, fraud detection, risk, and personalisation.

Hello Soda’s big data analytics platform, PROFILE, utilises a combination of advanced technology to deliver unique consumer insights from all available unstructured data. PROFILE takes billions of data sets from platforms like social media, and then blends them with other third-party data sources to generate numerous scores and features, such as ID score, employment score, life events alerts, interests and hobbies, travel, and more, which clients can then utilise to enhance their understanding of consumers and deliver a better customer experience to increase acquisition, retention, cross-selling and upselling.

PROFILE makes sense of unstructured data so that it can be used across almost any business sector including financial services, insurance, gaming, telecoms and marketing. Its unique scores and insights help lenders boost financial inclusion by providing visibility on thin-file consumers, online gaming companies to enhance due diligence, insurance firms to price for risk, and the employment sector to match the right applicant with the right roles. Hello Soda already has numerous international corporate customers spanning four continents.

“We have a number of plans for expansion in key markets both in Europe and the US and are continually developing PROFILE’s multilingual capabilities. We are excited about working with the EIT Digital team to help us continue delivering strong year on year growth, with client feedback to date being extremely positive. Our software truly revolutionises how businesses engage with their customers by enabling the personalisation of automated processes so they can provide the right services to the right people” says James Blake, CEO and founder of Hello Soda.

Dennis Moynihan, EIT Digital UK Director, added: “We’re very happy to welcome Hello Soda to the EIT Digital Accelerator.  Hello Soda represents the exciting entrepreneurial innovation coming out of the UK and Europe today.  And we’re very excited to help them grow and thrive on the global stage.”

Hello Soda is expanding its growth in the USA where 40% of its clients are already based and are launching a new US office in September. In addition to operations in Europe and the US, Hello Soda celebrated the launch of Hello Soda Asia, with offices in Bangkok and Singapore, which services Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnamese markets.

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