Turning GDPR compliance into business advantage with EIT Digital Professional School

Turning GDPR compliance into business advantage with EIT Digital Professional School

In 2018 companies in Europe will need to comply to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Companies that look beyond basic compliance can build sustainable business models to outperform their competitors. The EIT Digital Professional School is offering a course to companies to use the new compliance mandate into an opportunity to create business advantage.

The GDPR is a new European Union set of regulations on security and privacy meant to protect its citizens more than those in any other part of the world. Companies that collect online personal data in the EU must secure this data and enable people to exercise control over it. This means, for most companies, a need to redesign their technological infrastructure by 25 May 2018. The fine for non-compliance after the deadline can potentially reach up to four percent of their worldwide turnover.

The EIT Digital Professional School believes that companies can use this GDPR obligation as an opportunity to build it into a stronger business strategy. "Nowadays, most companies are implementing projects to meet these requirements, and many consultancy firms are making good profits out of this," says Jens Ohlsson, Head of the EIT Digital Professional School. "This way, companies avoid fines. We beleive that using this project to turn the obligation into a business advantage is a double benefit. There is much in these regulations that offer smart companies the chance for competitive advantages if they see GDPR as an opportunity when others simply see it as a nuisance or burden. Also, we believe that the effort to achieve advantage can require little more effort than achieving mere compliance. You use the time needed to comply directly to build a sustainable business strategy."

This is the motivation behind the course Security and Privacy for Big Data, braught to you by EIT Digital in cooperation with Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology (SIT). It is aimed at professionals involved with big data projects.


Participants learn to plan their big data projects successfully, ensuring that all security and privacy related issues are under control. They look at big data projects of various sizes with privacy-aware and security-skilled eyes, being able to recognize dangers for data breaches or data leakage, and improve their systems to a mature and sustainable degree.

Blended learning

The course comes in a blended format, with self-paced online modules and a one two-day face-to-face workshop. The workshops are planned on 6 and 7 November in Darmstadt and on 28 and 29 November in Brussels. The two-day sessions will enable practical interactions amongst participants and researchers in facing concrete business situations.

About EIT Professional School

Investing in digital transformation skills is a top priority for society, companies and organisations today. The EIT Digital Professional School, in cooperation with international partners supports this through Action-Based Learning that integrates theory and practice in the actual business context. In this way, we support companies to develop the right leadership capacities, workforce skills and corporate cultures needed to embrace the digital transformation; we educate individuals to up-skilland cross-skill their talents to stay attractive for the labour market. We contribute to an inclusive digital society.

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