Trento the sixth node of EIT ICT Labs

Trento Node Director Roberto Saracco states that the Trento team is proud of becoming a Node of EIT ICT Labs, being excited and motivated to join the other Nodes in their efforts as main players in the formation of the future information society.

About EIT ICT Labs Trento Node
The Trento Node focuses on leveraging ICT for Quality of Life. Co-located in the FBK Research complex in Povo, Trento, in front of the University of Trento it is close to its core partners - Engineering, Telecom Italia and TrentoRise. Affiliate partners are Centro Ricerca FIAT (CRF), STMicroelectronics, Politecnico di Milano, Politecnico di Torino, Università di Bologna, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna di Pisa. The location is at the core of the Trentino Region, an area rich in communications infrastructures and bristling with innovative companies (it is sometimes referred to as Semantic Valley).
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Trento Node Director Roberto Saracco
Roberto Saracco has since 2001 been the Director of the Future Centre in Venice and responsible for innovative telecommunications architectures and scientific communications reporting directly to the Strategy Officer of Telecom Italia.

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