Tinnitracks well received at Dutch press event @ CLC Eindhoven, High Tech Campus!

Press meeting

Joerg Habetha

Sonormed and coach Alain le Loux

Handover the Sennheiser headphones

Well received!

Last 21 April, the Tinnitracks product against tinnitus was presented to Dutch press. Tinnitracks declares the war on the widespread disease of tinnitus that causes a constant ear buzzing. The company behind the Tinnitracks product is the startup Sonormed which is member of the EIT ICT Labs Health and Wellbeing Business Community and is coached by the EIT ICT Labs Business Accelerator. 

The relation with EIT ICT Labs started in 2014 with Tinnitracks winning the Idea Challenge 2014 in the category Health and Wellbeing. Since then, the Tinnitracks product was perfectionised and got several recognition awards such as the SXSW award 2015 in Digital Health and Life Science. 

Upscaling businesses through EIT ICT Labs

Tinnitracks has international ambitions and uses the EIT ICT Labs network for upscaling business into Europe to start with the Netherlands. To spread this message, a meeting with press, experts and tinnitus patients was organised by EIT ICT Labs at the High Tech Campus Eindhoven. The audience was invited to come and see what Tinnitracks is all about. 

The programme started with a welcome and introduction on EIT ICT Labs by Willem Jonker, CEO of EIT ICT Labs. The second speaker was Joerg Habetha of Philips Research who gave us some insights on trends in digital health. Next to this, Filip Coenen of the EIT ICT Labs Business Accelerator, sketched an overview of ICT innovations of the Health and Wellbeing Business Community, positioning Tinnitracks in a broader range of innovations.

Alain le Loux, Business Accelerator of EIT ICT Labs, acted as moderator and gave a short perspective on tinnitus and the current treatment methods. Alain le Loux says: “It is remarkable that about 800.000 Dutch people suffer of tinnitus. The yearly costs for society are calculated on 6.7 billion due to sickness and drop out. To address this societal challenge it is important that EIT ICT Labs actively helps to get the tech startup Sonormed with the Tinnitracks technology in the Netherlands. And after that in the rest of the world.” 

Last but not least the presentation of Tinnitracks took place. The platform and app-concept and scientific validation were thoroughly explained followed by a handover of 3 Sennheiser headphones to patients. The Sennheiser headphones are specially designed for an optimum effect of the personalized Tinnitracks therapy.  Joerg Land, co-founder of Sonormed: “I am very thankful that Tinnitracks became part of EIT ICT Labs. Thanks to the outstanding support we were able to make it to the Netherlands in such a short time span.”

Spread the message

Thanks to the participating press, the message on Tinnitracks could be spread over the Netherlands. And that there is really a need of Tinnitracks became clear because of numerous calls of patients that contacted the EIT ICT Labs location in Eindhoven directly and who approached the media that published on Tinnitracks. Therefore it is good news that Sennheiser announced to open up their Dutch network for Tinnitracks next to that in Germany. Also good to know is that audicien and tinnitus expert Dennis Nandoe of ‘IntoEars’, is investigating to offer Tinnitracks to his patients who visit at a regularly basis 1 of his 9 locations (

Treat your tinnitus with your favourite music

Tinnitracks is a platform and an app that lets you set up your own music and use it to treat your tinnitus. This allows you to target the cause of tinnitus in the brain instead of simply managing symptoms with your therapy. This is possible by means of the brain's lifelong ability to adapt, also known as neuroplasticity. What you need for Tinnitracks are: headphones, your tinnitus frequency, your favourite music, smartphone, Tinnitracks.

How Tinnitracks works

By taking a monthly subscription you can give Tinnitracks a try. Your personal Tinnitracks account allows you to set up your music for therapeutic use. In order to enable Tinnitracks to target the cause of your tinnitus prior to filtering tracks, you will need to know your individual tinnitus frequency. If you do not know your frequency, your doctor or a hearing aid audiologist can help you determine it. Once you know your frequency, you can start processing your favorite music for therapeutic use. You can listen to your filtered music tracks with the Tinnitracks App on your smartphone, tablet or any other device.The Tinnitracks solution is already available on the German market and soon, very very soon it will be available on the Dutch market in the Dutch language. 

Watch the trailer of the press presentation.

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