The Energy Intelligence 4.0 Industry scaleup METRON joins EIT Digital Accelerator


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French scaleup, METRON joined the EIT Digital Accelerator to reinforce its European development.

Since 2013, METRON has re-shaped the way energy data is used in industries. The platform developed by METRON values high volume of data daily generated by industrial systems by giving them an operational dimension. Industrial customers are then able to identify fastly new sources of energy optimisations.

METRON harnesses high-level technologies to support industries on their energy production and storage issues. METRON is then at the core of the double energy and digital transition. Energy is rethought and converted into a profit center in order to build sustainable eco-systems with the industrial sector.

By joining the EIT Digital Accelerator, METRON will benefit from support of the business developers of the Access to Market team who will help achieving its objectives on the key European markets targeted.

Vincent Sciandra, CEO of METRON explains: "We are at the heart of energy intelligence. Our approach is to turn Energy Efficiency from a static, reactive process into a dynamic, proactive strategy. We differentiate ourselves from growing segment of energy intelligence software companies thanks to control over underlying platform and core industrial customer target. Our aim is to benefit from the expertise of EIT Digital to help us increasing our current development in Europe and our expansion in Asia in 2018."


Founded in 2013, METRON is an energy performance operator, at the convergence of the world of energy and the digital Industry 4.0.

METRON offers an innovative energy intelligence platform that collects, aggregates and analyses in real-time all the energy and production data of industrial plants while interfacing with the energy markets. Non intrusive and totally interoperable with existing systems, this platforms allows, by a Big Data approach in the processing and analysis of data, to identify new sources of energy optimisations.

METRON's expertise lies in the extremely thorough analysis of all these data using the latest mathematical algorithms of Data Science and industry knowledge bases. The objective is to take advantage of the large volumes of data collected to detect non-intuitive interactions between process parameters and energy consumptions, to analyse a given perimeter or predict consumptions according different contexts.

Artificial intelligence of the platform is also combined with human intelligence: METRON's team is composed by energy engineers daily working with the operational teams of its industrial customers to help them extracting as much value as possible from their energy data and to support them into the implementation of energy efficiency projects.

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