The Data Economy in Privacy, Security & Trust at Expo 2015

“The Data Economy in Privacy, Security & Trust” was organized by EIT Digital on September 27 at Expo 2015 and hosted by EIT Digital's partner, Telecom Italia Mobile

The goal of the event was to socialize the activities carried out by EIT Digital in the area of Privacy, Security & Trust and to promote the Data Economy, which is of ever-increasing importance in the era of digitalisation and pervasive usage of computing machines and smart devices in cyberspace, for business, public administration and customers. 

EIT Digital aimed at raising the awareness about the importance of timely data protection measures for the Data Economy to continue to grow smoothly and be widely accepted, enabling unprecedented user experiences in the free and safe cyberspace.

The participants in the event included representatives of institutions from national to municipality levels, government agencies, industry and academia, especially in the security area, representatives of citizens, as well as journalists.

The event was also an opportunity to mingle with the EIT Digital partners and other stakeholders from the PST Business Community. The three-hour interactive programme included presentations of the innovation activities and start-ups and was followed by interesting discussions. The presentations were carried out in the dynamic Pecha Cucha style.

The theme of the day was introduced by the PST action line leader Jovan Golic who raised thirty points of attention that should better be taken into account when designing and putting into practice secure, privacy-aware and trustworthy digital systems. Innovation activities were presented by the EIT Digital partners’ organizations: Ideal privacy via homomorphic encryption (CEA LIST), Digital identity management (Poste Italiane), Mobile privacy and security (F-Secure), Mobile anti-malware protection (Reply), Behavioural biometric authentication (University of Trento) and High-security smartphone (Technical University of Berlin).

Cryptobrand, a start-up company, explained how technology brings new opportunities to ensure digital certification of food products. SecurityMatters presented solutions for the cyber security in water supply and food production systems., the winner of PST Idea Challenge in 2014, described a cloud service for enabling privacy-aware mobile health apps as well as other apps dealing with sensitive data. 

The last part of the event consisted of a presentation of Stefano Quintarelli, a member of the Italian Parliament and President of the steering committee for Italian Digital Agenda, followed by a discussion driven by audience.

With 1-million m2 area, 148 countries and 20 million expected visitors over 6 months, the backstage of Expo 2015 was a perfect place to focus on a sustainable world that has to be "safe"

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