The competition for the EIT CH.A.N.G.E. Award is open!

The EIT “Change Agents and Next Generation of Entrepreneurs” Award has the objective of showcasing young entrepreneurial talent from EIT-labelled and KIC education and training programmes for their achievements in entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship and innovation.

The EIT Award will be granted to a student or alumnus/a from an EIT KIC educational programme who is 35 or younger for the following achievement(s):
An innovative idea, project, service or product, process, or new business model initiated and/or implemented in practice by an individual, showcasing the pro-active attitude and entrepreneurial drive which have been facilitated by EIT/KIC educational activities and which resulted in a change.

Example of such achievements could be: 
• a start-up created during/ following the participation in an EIT/KIC educational programme, 
• a student who on her/his own initiative comes with an idea for a new product or service during her/his internship which is developed further by the company of the placement; 
• an innovative process which an alumni has implemented within the company or organisation he/she is working in; 
• an innovative idea which has brought about a change at policy level
Read more about the prize and indicative timeline on the EIT website 
Eligibility Criteria:
To be eligible applicants should be: 
1. enrolled in or are an alumnus/a of an EIT KIC educational activity (which has at least 6 ECTS) 
2. 35 or younger; 
3. have submitted their documentation by the submission deadline of 31 August 2013 to their respective KIC contact (see further details below)

Documentation to be submitted: 
1. A description of maximum four pages detailing: 
a. the achievement, why it is innovative and entrepreneurial and the potential societal and environmental impact it is likely to create, 
b. the role the candidate has played in its implementation 
c. how EIT KIC educational programmes and training have facilitated/supported the achievement
2. A copy of the completion certificate from the KIC education activity or current degree enrolment certificate; 
3. A letter of support from a supervisor, current employer or other. 

Submission Deadline and Contact Information:
Please submit your application to EIT ICT Labs Master School Office coordinator, Isabella Palomba Rydén before August 31!

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