The CLC is where the action is…

As the EIT ICT Labs Master School is scaling up and more students are finding the unique opportunity to be part of the ICT Innovation programme, KTH Royal Institute of Technology and the EIT ICT Labs Stockholm Co-location Centre (CLC) are happy to receive approximately 50 new first year students this fall.In addition another 15 will spend their second year of the Master School Programme at KTH and take active part in the Kista ICT cluster and Stockholm start-up meets. 

An official Meet & Greet will take place on August 29 but some curious students took the opportunity to visit the Stockholm Co-location Centre already on August 16. As they enjoyed a coffee and talk with the Master School and Stockholm Node staff they got a first-hand experience of what the CLC is all about - the place where researchers, professionals and entrepreneurs meet, network, find collaborating partners and share ideas.

On this day the Stockholm Node and CLC were visited by Alexander von Gabain, Chairman, EIT Governing Board and Ulf Johansson, EIT Governing Board, meeting with the Stockholm Node representatives - Peter Gudmundson, President KTH and member of the EIT ICT Labs Executive Steering Board (ESB), Ulf Wahlberg, Ericsson and Gunnar Landgren, Node Director EIT ICT Labs Stockholm.

The group took the opportunity to greet the students and find out about their impression of EIT ICT Labs Master School and the hopes for the year ahead.“Usually business and academia do not meet and this is an opportunity for having both”, explained one of the students. The group of new students agreed that it is the combination of business, entrepreneurship and technical subjects together with the mobility aspects and potentials for European networking during the studies that are very interesting features of the EIT ICT Labs Master Programme. 

“It is extremely encouraging to meet these enthusiastic new students and to hear their motivations for applying to the EIT ICT Labs Master program. Clearly the reputation of EIT and EIT ICT Labs is spreading faster than we hoped and the collaborative innovation curriculum is obviously very attractive”, says Gunnar Landgren. 

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