Swedish Startup Partners With World Leader in 3D Vision To Offer Cloud-Based 3D Scanning

At CES, Swedish fast-growing startup Volumental today announced a partnership with SoftKinetic®, the world’s leading provider of 3D vision and gesture recognition solutions, to offer the next generation of 3D scanning using future SoftKinetic depth sense cameras. The service will be available later in 2014. 

“Combining the precise and high resolution data we get from the SoftKinetic camera with our cutting-edge 3D reconstruction algorithms, we will be able to bring a new level of accuracy and quality to 3D scanning for both professionals and consumers,” said Caroline Walerud, CEO of Volumental.“This opens up new possibilities for 3D capture, making 3D scanning widely accessible.” 

Volumental’s easy-to-use online service works with standard depth cameras and will now be optimized to work with future versions of SoftKinetic’s DS325®, making high quality 3D scanning accessible to more users. 

“To really make use of 3D printing and object customization you need to be able to easily create high quality 3D models of the world around us,” said Michel Tombroff, CEO of SoftKinetic. “To accelerate the adoption of 3D scanners, a powerful and easy-to-use software solution is needed. Volumental is ideally positioned to offer that solution.” 

Volumental will be at CES in Las Vegas January 7-10, 2014, to present an early demonstration of the solution to prospective partners.  

Contact: Mikael Andersson, Product Manager, Volumental  

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