Swedish startup Degoo ready to take off from incubator STING

On December 10th it was time for a take-off celebration at Stockholm Innovation and Growth, STING when four companies presented their business development and team work with the coaches. 

One of them was Degoo, also supported by EIT ICT Labs. Degoo is a Swedish startup that offers free, secure, online backup solution where you get up to 100 GB of free backup by sharing unused hard drive space as backup place for someone else. The services are similar to Dropbox or Mozy but Degoo offers 100GB free backup with a different peer-to-peer-based technological solution. 

The shared files are compressed, encrypted with 128-bit AES and split for safe storage at other computers across the globe. The solution is cheaper and safer than storage in server farms, using less energy and is less vulnerable to local natural disasters or sabotage. However, the challenge when spreading the files in smaller parts in many places is to get the redundancy level right as each files is duplicated several times.

The business model is based on the income from those who want to store more than 100 GB, although this is sufficient for most users. The founders of Degoo believe that the demand will continue to grow with more rich media content, and that it increases faster than the costs are decreasing with conventional solutions. 

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Visit Degoo website and download the user interface

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