Successful Patent Booster series in EIT ICT Labs Co-Location Centres

Learning in the CLC Eindhoven

Crowded house in the CLC Trento

At work in the CLC Berlin

EIT ICT Labs Co-location Centres were hot spots where Patent Booster workshops took place in the last quarter of 2012. Afterwards, the participants of the Patent Booster workshop series received an inquiry to evaluate the wokshop.  Based on the outcome we may conclude that the Patent Booster Workshops were quite a success. As the evaluation showed out that the participants were very positive because both the lecturers and the content achieved high grades. 


The Patent Booster workshop was a one-day training event designed to give essential information and knowledge on patents, patenting and commercialisation of research results and technologies in the ICT field.  Researchers in Europe need to know about commercialisation and IPR issues and this type of workshop is a good way to further increase the competence in this area. Discussions, interactive parts and a more personal meeting where the participants’ questions were in focus contributed to the increased knowledge among the participants.


The Patent Booster workshop series targeted doctoral students and researchers in both academia and industry and was arranged by EIT ICT Labs partner KTH Innovation in collaboration with the European Patent Office (EPO) at all the EIT ICT Labs nodes in Europe. One part of the workshop highlighted the commercialisation aspects - how to take an invention to the market – and the other part shed light on the patenting process and how to protect and exploit research results and technologies. 

For more information about the Patent Booster workshop contact: 

Malin Luuke

Project Coordinator

KTH Innovation


Author - Else Embregts

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