Student Inc. @ the Stockholm CLC every second Tuesday

In collaboration with Excitera, the entrepreneurship association for students, KTH Innovation operates the KTH student incubator - Student Inc. Students who are developing their idea together with KTH Innovation are able to apply for a place in Student Inc. when their project has made some progress towards commercialization. 

Starting on November 5th, Sasan Shaba, the manager of Student Inc., will set up an “open business clinic” for students at the Stockholm Co-location Centre, biweekly on Tuesday afternoons. 

We want to be more present at the Kista campus and also start some Special Interest Groups (SIGs) in order to build and develop a dynamic and diverse network. The proposed groups are focusing on ICT, Life Science, Transport and Entrepreneurship & Innovation. 

One of our objectives is to encourage entrepreneurship by various activities, such as our Startup Pubs and Inc.talks – roundtable talks with great entrepreneurs and inspiring achievers. Another objective is to support projects with a commercial potential in a structured process, varying from 3 months to a maximum of 15 months, including e.g.coaching by a member of the KTH Innovation team, office space and commercial support. 

Some of the EIT ICT Labs Master School students are already involved in Student Inc.  Many more took the opportunity to attend an inspiration lecture on Entrepreneurship when the Prince Daniel Fellowship visited Student Inc on October 23rd. The founders of Skype and Spotify, Max Lorentzon and Niklas Zennström, as well as the CEO Susanna Campbell of the private equity conglomerate Ratos, shared their journeys from ideas, to failure, to new ventures and success – and a lot of hard work. 

The event was very informal and interactive providing students with business projects the opportunity to briefly present their ideas, such as Comparific, HelptoHelp, and get feedback on next steps. On stage Caroline Walerud, KTH student at the Centre of Autonomous Systems and CEO of the successful startup Volumental described the value of taking part in Student Inc. and the advice to anyone who has an entrepreneurial mind-set – just go for it! 

In short the presenters concluded that a solid education is a very good base for any future career path but also that the years as a student and shortly after is a good time in life to test business ideas and take risks. 

If you have a potential commercial idea or are curious to learn from others take the opportunity to connect with Student Inc at the Stockholm Co-location Centre, at their events or by email. 

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