Striking a balance between privacy and home security: Swedish scaleup Minut joins the EIT Digital Accelerator

Swedish scaleup Minut joins the EIT Digital Accelerator

Minut’s wireless smart sensor Point can detect a range of different events in a room.

Minut’s wireless smart sensor Point can detect a range of different events in a room.

Minut, a developer of smart non-invasive sensors for home security, joins the EIT Digital Accelerator. The company has developed Point, a smart but simple sensor that knows what’s going on in a room without invading the users’ privacy by using cameras or complicated sensor systems. Instead, Minut combines sound and environmental sensor data with machine learning algorithms to identify events in a room, and leverages the community to react to events.

The Malmö-based company joined the EIT Digital Accelerator after being among the finalists of the EIT Digital Challenge 2018 in the category Digital Wellbeing. CEO Nils Mattisson explains: “We are excited to be part of the EIT Digital Accelerator and look forward to working with the EIT Digital team, whose expertise and market access combined with our technical know-how and existing customer base will give us the momentum to drive Minut's ongoing growth.” The company’s target customers include large telecoms, real estate companies, insurance companies and families of elderly people who live alone.

Minut’s wireless smart sensor Point can detect a range of different events in a room. If a home is at risk, through break in or fire, the sensor will alarm the user. Point can detect motion, temperature, humidity, glass break, mold, light and noise. It can help prevent damage, for example caused by freezing pipes. The Point interface allows users to link to neighbours, friends and other family members, so they can quickly react in case of alerts. The sensor takes a minute to install and only needs to be recharged 2-3 times per year.

Minut was founded in 2014 after Nils Mattisson, who previously worked for Apple, realized the need for a non-camera-based security solution focused on Airbnb hosts renting out their apartments. He recognized the importance of balancing privacy and the need for monitoring. The company successfully run two Kickstarter campaigns and was awarded by Google and McKinsey & Company as one of the Top 10 Digital Consumer Products in 2018.

About Minut

Founded in 2014, Minut develops an all-in-one smart home security sensor that’s easy to install and respects the users’ privacy. Besides their headquarters in Malmö, Minut maintains an office in Stockholm, as well as a regular presence in Shenzhen, China. The company is active in 60 different countries across the globe, including the USA, UK and Sweden.

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