STMicroelectronics and KoruLab teaming up for stunning experiences in wearables and IOT

Christian Lindholm, CEO of KoruLab

STMicroelectronics and the Finnish start-up KoruLab are teaming up to bring stunning UI experiences in wearables and IOT. The Koru platform is the first declarative UI development platform designed for next generation highly customized experiences. It will deliver stunning UI experiences and industry leading battery life.

In September 2014 STMicroelectronics announced its latest generation of microcontrollers, the STM32 F7 Series, with superior processing power. It will transform the type of experiences that can be built in the microcontroller world.

Koru’s platform is small, fast and incredibly flexible and it takes full advantage of the Chrom-ART hardware acceleration capabilities,” said Daniel Colonna, STMicroelectronics Microcontroller Marketing Director. Daniel Colonna continues: “With platforms like this STM can deliver a unique solution for device makers that help them differentiate their offerings in the experience without having to build everything from scratch. The combined solution will speed up development time.”

Koru platform available for developers

The unique scalability of the Koru platform enables creation of rich variety of IOT and wearable devices. Devices ranging from wrist top wearables to intelligent keys and automation systems control units can all be developed using the Koru platform. The separated presentation and logic, makes customization of the user interface easier than ever before.

Christian Lindholm, the CEO of KoruLab says: “We have built the product using the STM M4 platform providing smooth touch experiences with longest battery life in the industry. With the STM32 F7 we can make the experiences deeper, richer and more engaging, while retaining the long battery life. We are convinced this solution will transform the experiences of our everyday objects.” The Koru SDK has been made available for developers at their website.

EIT ICT Labs’ ecosystem adding value

STMicroelectronics is an affiliate partner of EIT ICT Labs. KoruLab is a Finnish start-up that has been supported by the Helsinki Node. “Koru has been incubated at the EIT ICT Labs Helsinki, where we have found our first customers, countless business leads and most importantly coaching and mentoring from the network of influencers at EIT ICT Labs,” explained Christian.

Author – Suvi Lavinto

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