STING ranked #9 in global University Business Incubator index

In a study of 150 university incubators in 22 countries STING is in the top ten ranking of the most successful ones in the world. The report published by UBI Index is based on an evaluation of more than 50 indicators and presents the value the incubators provide their respective ecosystem and clients.  

– STING at KTH is one of the best performing university incubators in the world and one of very few European incubators in the list. STING is also on the list of the best performing ICT-incubators and most sucessful in the ”early stage” incubation, says Dhruv Bhatli, co-founder and head of research at UBI Index. In addition to the value that the incubators generate to their clients and their ecosystems, e g number of jobs created, economic growth there were also points for the results generated after the incubation period and the attractiveness of the incubators. 

Dhruv Bhatl also underlines that STING got excellent scores in many of the evaluations of success factors, such as the value for the ecosystem and a strong contribution to the economy as well as the value of the clients’ companies and performance after the incubation period. 

- We are very pleased that UBI Index has acknowledged the result of the work we have put in to create an environment and a model through which we can help Stockholm’s most promising startups to faster reach international success and contribute to the economic growth, says Pär Hedberg, founder and CEO of STING (Stockholm Innovation & Growth).

STING has since it started in 2002 worked with more than 100 startups. Today these 100 companies have close to 700 employees, a  turnover of approx. 40 M Euro and a business value amounting to  200 M Euro.

The Finnish incubator at Aalto University, the Startup Sauna was also in the top 25 list and was also honoured an award in the Top Young categry.

UBI Index is a Stockholm-based startup providing expertise on how to start and re-structure incubators.

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Ali Amin, project manager, UBI Index
Pär Hedberg, founder and CEO, STING


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