Start-ups from EIT ICT Labs for the EIT Entrepreneurship Award 2013 are selected

Three innovative technology start-ups were selected to compete for the EIT Entrepreneurship Award 2013. Pre-selection competition of EIT ICT Labs took place in Paris on April 18th. “Entrepreneurship is at the very heart of the EIT ICT Labs vision and activities. The EIT Entrepreneurship Award is a therefore  a great opportunity to highlight and encourage entrepreneurial ventures that are coached and supported by the Business Developers of the ICT Labs” - says Klaus Beetz, Business Director of the EIT ICT Labs.

The EIT Entrepreneurship Award competition was created by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology. Each of the EIT’s three KICs – the Knowledge and Innovation Communities for sustainable energy, information and communications technologies, and climate change technologies – select three ventures to compete for the award. The EIT Award 2013 final will take place in November in Budapest. The award provides financial and professional support to agreed travelling and promotional activities, as well as tailor-made programme attuned to the needs of the venture. 

The competition to select best and most innovative start-ups from EIT ICT Labs took place in Paris at the Partner Event 2013. Eleven start-ups from all the nodes presented break-through technologies and innovative technology solutions. All the participating start-ups were selected and nominated by the local Business Developer Team in each Node. You could learn about new car sharing solutions, personal intelligent travel assistant, new tools for instant movie discovery, innovative solutions for secure 3D designers webtop in the safe Cloud, brand new ways of rehabilitation and much more. The winners (Volumental, CoRehab and Quuppa) were selected by more than 200 participants of the partner event using an online voting tool.

CoRehab sells products to rehabilitation centres and clinics with the aim of multiplying time and business opportunity for physiotherapists and doctors. In Paris CoRehab presented the Riablo products, designed for orthopaedic rehabilitation to let patients exercise in a more enjoyable and controlled way (in outpatient centres or at home), thanks to inertial sensors and videogames. According to David Taccioni, CEO, “thanks to ICT Labs CoRehab find direct link with technological partners and research institutions all over Europe, making easier the access to foreign markets”. 

Quuppa is a young start-up offering a unique localization, tracking, and monitoring technology solution onto the market, also known as HAIP - High Accuracy Indoor Positioning. Quuppa's strategy is to follow a horizontal business model allowing Quuppa to reach different vertical and geographical markets at once. “ICT Labs has been helping Quuppa in many different ways since the beginning – says Fabio Belloni, Chief Marketing Officer – by providing logistic support, offering consultation through its network of professional business developer accelerators and exposing Quuppa to a wide network of companies and business opportunities”. 

Volumental, simplifies making 3D models of real-world people, objects and rooms through the world's first cloud-based 3D scanner. Volumental started as a robotics research project at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden.  “The coaching from ICT Labs business developers has been helpful in figuring out our strategy and gaining access to funding - said Caroline Walerud. Furthermore, we hope the ICT Labs network will be valuable in building relationships with potential customers, partners and employees”. Great team, exiting technology and strong customer focus are the key elements that lead to Volumental, being one of the winning start-up at the ICT Labs pre-selection competition for the EIT Entrepreneurship Awards. 

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