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Last week EIT Digital welcomed the health-tech innovator SkinVision to its Business Accelerator Programme. SkinVision is based in the Netherlands and wants to be scaled up into Europe through the pan-European network of EIT Digital. The enterprise delivers a mobile solution to monitor, track and understand your skin health. The mobile solution increases early detection of skin cancer as first priority to prevent advanced melanoma. 

SkinVision offers a unique technology for early recognition of melanoma, the most serious type of skin cancer. The online solution helps you to visit a doctor in time and prepared.

Recent study shows that about 54% of the people deaths caused by melanoma could have been prevented and that 1 out of 5 people will be treated for skin cancer during their life.  With its mobile solution SkinVision wants to help bring this percentages down by offering easy to use and always available online tools for skin monitoring on your smartphone. 

The SkinVision product supports individuals of all ages that are in the skin cancer risk category. Especially for people who have spent a lot of time outside with sun exposure, people with a pale skin, red hair, more than 50 moles on the skin, more than 3 striking birthmarks and/or a family history of melanoma.

The support encompasses, among others, identifying and engaging opportunities as well as defining the strategy and approach to be scaled up. Therefore support will be delivered for access to funding and business development activities in the Belgian, UK, German and Nordics markets.

How Skinvison works.

More information on the SkinVision website.

Contact: Business Developer EIT Digital, Filip Coenen


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