Shout out for the startups in FNS Business Community @ IoT Solutions World Congress 2015!

A global first time event in 2015, the IoT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona on September 16-18 exceeded all expectations with over 5500 visitors, many of them high level executive managers. The startups in the Future Networking Solutions (FNS) Business Community, with a focus on IoT, were also very appreciative of the turnout and the great support from the community connections.

Exclusive meetings and qualitative leads

With strong networks in the international communities of vendors, operators and innovative companies, Agneta Jacobson, Business community leader and Tomas Bennich, Sweden Mobile Association ( + other affiliations) managed to pre-plan relevant meetings for Evothings, Negentis, Shortcut Labs, Waylay and Kombridge. The booth was very busy and attracted the interest of high level managers and CTOs of global corporations e.g GE Aviation, HP, IBM, Intel, Accenture, Telefonica, Microsoft as well as partner companies such as Deutsche Telekom and Ericsson.

Another unique opportunity for all the startups was a private dinner with Richard Soley, Industrial Internet Consortium, the opening Key Note speaker at the event. An added value was the presentation of each company which proved useful for the joint pitching and referals in the booth.

David Bartlett, GE Aviation spent a long time with the startups and then shared the following tweets:

Great potential also for the FNS innovation activities that proves to be a good business case

The Future Networking Solutions Action Line leader, Henrik Abramowzs says: "I was impressed with the event, with the personal contacts of our business developers and the new contacts established in Barcelona. It was very valuable for the startups and I could also establish the need for our High Impact Initiative which will provide a general platform that will help tp speed up the development in this emerging market. The Nordic countried are strong in the competence needed and also have the tradition of being early adopters."

Big business and media attention

A new member of the FNS business community, Connode, were also part of the Intel team at the event and had a big launch on the main stage as well as announcing a new collaboration with Reliance.

MIT Technical Review, reporting on Internet of Things Solutions World Congress, Sept 16-18 featured Shortcut Labs ( Flic) and also LightFlex technology, a Swedish startup that recently connected with the EIT Digital business developers in the Stockholm ecosystem. Article in Spanish but translates well into English.

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