Roberto Saracco represents ICT Labs at the India Global ICT Forum 2013

Roberto Saracco, Italian node Director, will be giving an invited talk at the India Global ICT Forum 2013 co-hosted by the CMAI (Association of India Communication and Multimedia And Infrastructure) and the ITU (International Telecommunications Union).
The talk will present ICT LABS of the EIT (Europen Institute of Innovatino and Technologies) and their approach to create innovation and will make reference to the on-going cooperation of the Trentino Region and the IEEE COMSOC with India. CMAI is actively engaged for strategic co-ordination between Education Institutes and Industry for employability and curriculum up gradation. It is one of the IEEE COMSOC Sister Societies, whom Roberto is the responsible Director.

India Global ICT Forum 2013 showcase the latest research, processes, services and products emerging from the ICT sector in India. These innovations are playing an integral part in shaping India’s emergence as a fast-growing and inclusive economy, and the Forum provides an opportunity for international participants to hear from government officials and private sector representatives about their significance. The Forum explores the relevance of Indian experiences to other parts of the world, and examines how they can be adapted to other contexts. It also offers opportunities for international private sector representatives to identify partnership opportunities with Indian counterparts in the ICT sector. 

The ICT Forum 2013 is taking place at the India International Centre in New Delhi (May 6th - 8th) with the participation of more than 2000 people from India, Asia, US and Europe.


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