Roberto Saracco representing EIT ICT Labs at the Innovation and Technology Conference in Bulgaria

Technology Conference in Bulgaria

Roberto Saracco, Trento Node Director, representing EIT ICT Labs has given a presentation at the Innovation and Technology Conference organised by EIT with the Bulgarian Ministry of Economy and Energy in Sofia, Bulgaria, on May 15th.

The conference saw the participation of about 100 representatives from the Bulgarian Education and Economic sectors and had the goal of socialising the success stories, and experiences of the three KICs.

The Conference was opened by the Bulgarian Deputy Minister of Economy and Energy, Mr. Krassin Dimitrov and chaired by the Director of the same Ministry, Mr. Eli Anavi. The presentations were opened by Jose Manuel Leceta, EIT Director, and provided an overview of the three KICs.

A good discussion followed with several demands from the audience, and from the Director of Ministry of Economy to open a CLC in Sofia (specifically addressed to the EIT ICT Labs). The X-Europe Outreach Programme has already involved Bulgaria and will continue in the coming months and next year. X-Europe Outreach Programme can be a practical answer to the desire of active participation of Bulgaria in EIT ICT Labs ecosystem.

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