Road Show Events - Towards the Business Plan 2012

Between April 13-28, 2011 EIT ICT Labs will host a series of “Road Show events” for its core and affiliated partners in the nodes, as well as its associated partners. The events will serve as preparation for the upcoming “Call for Activities 2012”, which will be open to all partners May 1-30, 2011.

In their presentations the CEO Willem Jonker and the CSO Martti Mäntylä will give an overview of the current status of EIT ICT Labs with regards to its Action Lines, Catalysts and Co-locations and will provide guidelines for successfully proposing activities in the call. The information events shall create an equal playing field for all participants in the KIC to get involved in the creation of the Business Plan 2012.

Each of the EIT ICT Labs nodes will host one of the Road Show Events:

April 13th | Helsinki + associate partners from Trento

April 19th | Eindhoven + associate partners from London

April 26th | Paris

April 27th | Berlin + associate partners from Budapest

April 28th | Stockholm

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