Results of today, ideas for tomorrow

According to a well-established tradition, the EIT Digital Italian Innovation Day took place in Trento in December. The event, tailored for the EIT Digital partnership, but with sessions opened to a broader public, was attended by over 160 people, half of which representing industry and potential users of innovation solutions created within the EIT Digital network in 2015.

The public session was opened by Prof. Giovanni Colombo, former member of the EIT Executive Committee, with a keynote speech on opportunities and challenges of digital innovation.  His presentation was followed by the speech of Sara Ferrari, Regional minister for university and research, who highlighted the objectives of the Province of Trento in area of digital innovation.

During the day, more than 30 innovative solutions were showcased in 5 demo areas that examined how the latest developments in ICT technology (e.g. cloud computing, cyber security & privacy and the internet of everything) can be turned into businesses, while enabling the transformation of relevant market sectors (e.g. health & wellbeing, manufacturing, e-commerce) and enhancing the quality of life of citizens and communities.

The event got high media coverage at regional and national level.

Check here for official photos of the event. Get a feeling on how the event was seen and lived by participants here (content aggregated with Cute by Engineering).

Watch the video about the EIT Digital Italian Innovation Day for a glimpse on what was showcased and how this opportunity was perceived by our start-ups and innovation activities players.    

Results of 2015 were well perceived by all participants at the event setting the stage for even more impactful outcome expected in 2016!

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