Republic of China Delegation in Paris Centre of Co-Location

On the 15 of November, Dr. Stéphane Amarger, director  of EIT ICT Labs France, and the Paris staff, were pleased to welcome the Taiwan Delegation of  S&T Policy.

This delegation of 27 specialists visited us to acknowledge on how innovation is speeded up in Europe and how EIT ICT Labs empowers top talents for the Future.

The delegation was conducted by Ms. Chen, Senior specialist at the Council for Economic Planning and Development, Executive Yuan. The Council for Economic Planning and Development or CEPD, is a government  agency responsible for drafting overall plans for national economic development  in the Republic of China. It also assesses development projects, proposals and programs, and coordinates the economic policy making activities of ministries. The CEPD acts in an advisory role to the central governement in formulating economic policies.

Dr Stéphane Amarger, after a general presentation of EIT ICT Labs, focused on the French operations, then on the Business Development.

After the testimony of  the start-up Green Communications by the CEO Pr. Khaldoun Al Agha, about an efficient and energy saving routing solution with a start-and-stop feature, click on his presentation below

this constructive day ended with an overview on Education, by Christian Queinnec, Head of the Doctoral School and Prométhée Spathis, in charge of the Master School in France.



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