Presidential Strategic Council of EIT ICT Labs in Berlin

The 2nd Presidential Strategic Council meeting held at TU Berlin on October 4-5, focused on the EIT ICT Labs’ Master School and Doctoral School and the path ahead. 


After a welcome and introduction by President Jörg Steinbach TU Berlin, the EIT ICT Labs state of play and 2013 program was presented by Prof. Willem Jonker, CEO EIT ICT Labs. Next Prof. Carl-Gustaf Jansson, Action Line Leader for the Master School KTH continued by summarizing the lessons learned from the 2012 admission Master School Program and Operation. A consolidated plan for 2013 incorporating principles and action plan for admission, recruitment and marketing were described as well as how the programme is set to scale up in 2014. 


The Council also put strategic discussions with German industrial partners on the agenda. 


Furthermore the general framework, requirements and future directions for the Doctoral School Program and Doctoral Training Centers were presented by Prof. Christian Queinnec, Action Line Leader for Doctoral School, UPMC. 

Prof. Hannu Tenhunen, Education Director, EIT ICT Labs continued by a close look at the Quality assurance, the EIT Label for master and doctoral programs and also introduced the audience to some of the new initiatives from EIT ICT Labs; professional training, innovation and ICT MBA, E-learning as well as global outreach and X-Europe activities in education and research.

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