Political Prominence dropped by at Berlin Co-Location

Today Members of European Parliament Pilar del Castillo, Lambert van Nistelrooij, Sabine Verheyen, and Joachim Zeller and EIF Director Maria Rosa Gibellini visited the Berlin Co-Location Centre in the context of their European Internet Foundation study visit.

A presentation of the Video Café - a tool with which to communicate with other locations in the ecosystem 'over a cup of coffee' - caught the MEPs attention as they enjoyed the interaction with people in front of the camera in other nodes. As CEO Willem Jonker joined the Video Café from Eindhoven Lambert van Nistelrooij even took a chance and asked him a question or two.

The honoured guests took a particular interest in education and innovation in Europe, by focussing on the role of startups in our ecosystem and the concept of Software Campus, as lively debated after several presentations on the above themes e.g. 


Before departure, there even was a bit of time for an official picture (from right to left): Sabine Verheyen (MEP), Joachim Zeller (MEP), Pilar del Castillo (MEP), Heinrich Arnold (Chairman of German Node Steering Committee), Lambert van Nistelrooij (MEP) and Kai Rose (Deputy Node Director of EIT ICT Labs Germany).

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