Pluricast – the first start-up in the Stockholm Node ecosystem

Pluricast AB is a Swedish company in the“hot” area of content delivery and wireless communication. It was founded by researchers at the Department of Communication Systems at The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) – core partner of EIT ICT Labs - and the Stockholm School of Economics. The business incubator STING (Stockholm Innovation and Growth) has selected Pluricast AB to be part of their network of supported startups.

The commercialization of the technology has been discussed with major actors across the Swedish ICT ecosystem, ranging from content providers to mobile operators and terminal and infrastructure developers. All of them recognized the potential game-changing impact of this technology in their market segment, and express keen interest to further participate in the development and marketing of Pluricast products.

Pluricast patent pending and award winning technology is aiming at delivering content in mobile systems with a substantial and measurable increase of the users’ quality of experience. It also sets out to optimize the wireless spectrum utilization and reduces the cost of the communication infrastructure.
By promoting novel, faster, convergent and semantic core network algorithms and software, the company is developing and deploying telecommunication products that provide both a superior quality of experience and an optimization of the network´s coverage and capacity.

The company business model and product line targets - with new sources of revenues - the end to end telecommunication ecosystem, including content providers and distributors, operators, handset manufacturers and end consumers.

The interest in Pluricast has also reached the major players in the Swedish Telco market: a major research project, called COSEM, was started in 2010 for testing an initial integration of the Activecast technology on TeliaSonera LTE network and Ericsson equipment. The project, founded by Vinnova, is in partnership with Ericsson AB, TeliaSonera AB, Pluricast AB and Wireless@KTH, with a planned duration spanning over four years.

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