PlugSurfing: “People call our service revolutionary”

An interview with PlugSurfing - the app to charge your electric car

“2014 has been crazy”, explains Adam Woolway, CEO of PlugSurfing. “We had to improve our website, re-style our corporate identity and marketing strategy all over, and we wanted to improve our relationships with companies. Last January, we were unsatisfied and knew we would have to work hard. Now, the work has been rewarded, and it’s all starting to come together. We won the Challenge Cup, a global pitching competition in Washington DC, and we were finalists of the international Telekom Innovation Contest.”


“People call our service revolutionary. We offer a simple but effective solution for electric car drivers, in servicing them with an app to make it easier to find charging points, and also offer a solution for payment. For instance in Germany, there are over 70 different operators with all different charging points and payment methods. We solve this customer unfriendly situation, by offering one app instead of having to go through 70 registrations. Connecting electric charging point operators is one key to our success.”

“We are now observing a monumental shift in electric mobility industry”, Adam says. He explains how big companies and manufacturers should be forced to listen to users who have the power of making electric car driving a success. Adam stresses the need for existing industries to heavily invest in electric mobility.

Drive it like a petrol car

“Users should be able to drive any electric car like as they would drive a petrol car, without having to be worried about making the next 100 km. This is not the case yet. But that is why we are expanding our payment app to the Benelux markets during the second half of this year. We are upscaling the business to have electric vehicles cross distances that really matter – not only to do shopping for groceries around the corner.”

“We at PlugSurfing cannot afford to be satisfied. We are always working hard to fix pain points. We want PlugSurfing to become the Number 1. PlugSurfing should be a household name at electric drivers’ homes.”

Teaming up

Adam and Jacob started PlugSurfing together and the team has now grown to employ 6 people. They recently celebrated their two-year anniversary in their Berlin office.

And as for the future we wish you all the best. Good luck on your great game-changing product, guys!

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