'People are most essential in digital transformation'

Xiaopeng Li

Xiaopeng Li

Digital transformation is something all companies are into - or should be into by now. But how do you get to the digital transformation? That is a question Xiapeng Li, former EIT Digital student and now product manager Strategy & Product Development of the Telia Company in Norway, answers in his first blog on the EIT Digital Master School website. It is the people that matter he concludes. "Transformation is a shared responsibility that falls to every individual in the organisation. "

Li started working at Telia Company right after he graduated from the EIT Digital Master School in 2015. Before starting as a DARE Trainee at Telia Company he worked as a user researcher on virtual reality at Goo Technologies in Stockholm. At Telia Company he worked at several departments like Strategy and innovation, Division X and Sensing as a service. At the upcoming graduation Day in Madrid on Saturday 25 November he is on stage inspiring the newly graduated students about the post EIT Digital Master School journey he went through. Li himself left China for the EIT Digital Master School and is using his technical and entrepreneurial innovation knowledge in his career now. And he is happy to blog about his experiences with digital transformation.

Li says in his first blog that digital transformation is about changing the way how business is done. ‚That typically boils down to three main factors: customer experience, operational processes and business models.' Though the business is at the heart of the digital transformation, Li believes that none of the business objectives can be achieved without technology.

Most important in the transformation are the people who drive the digital transformation. „they collectively execute and implement the changes" he stipulates. „Essentially, transformation is a shared responsibility that falls to every individual in the organisation across different staff functions and business units. Everyone is part of the change and needs to act as a "change maker".

Therefore, he claims that a culture shift is probably the most crucial, yet challenging part of the digital transformation. To conclude with: "The digital transformation is a triple play of business, technology and culture."

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