PEN Defence Management Review profiles UK cybersecurity scaleup Origone

PEN Defence Management Review profiles UK cybersecurity scaleup Origone

<a target="_blank" href="">PEN Defence Management Review profiles UK cybersecurity scaleup Origone</a>

The second issue of the 2017 Pan European Networks’ Defence Management Review profiles EIT Digital’s UK cybersecurity scaleup Origone and evaluates the financial impact of cybercrime, which accounts for more than €370bn annually worldwide.

Jonathan Partouche, CEO at Origone, said:

"Business, government and any organisation relying on information systems needs to recognise that to survive in a cyber attack-intensive world they must devote more resources to hardening their systems and making them both survivable and resilient. Each needs to keep in mind that threat sophistication and threat persistence are facts of life in today's IT world."

OrigoneOrigone's software provides large corporates and SMEs with comprehensive protection against ever-changing email malware threats, such as 'phishing' and Trojan Horses, that can cause havoc at organisations. The clever software dis-assembles and sanitises all incoming messages and attachments before they can be opened, giving businesses a powerful protective shield against cyber attacks. In January 2017, the company scooped first place at the European/American Pitch Awards Competition during MatchFest at CES 2017, held in Las Vegas, USA.

Pan European Networks ("PEN") are devoted to providing the most relevant and up to date information for the use of not only the European Commission, but all government agencies and departments across the continent of Europe. The Defence Management Review brings together a variety of defence stakeholders to highlight the most important trends and developments in the military, cybersecurity and counter-terrorism sectors.

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