Over 40 Functional Programmers visited the Budapest CLC

Budapest APG invited all the participants of the Central-European Functional Programming Summer School to visit the Budapest CLC and spend a great evening with the local team. The Central-European Functional Programming Summer School is organised by the Faculty of Informatics at Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest. It aims to bring computer scientists, researchers and students together from Central Europe to provide them a high standard, prominent educational opportunity.

This year, IT students – including BSc, MSc students and PhD candidates – from 11 countries (a third of it consisting of ARISE countries) took the opportunity to spend 2 weeks in Budapest and get deeper knowledge of Functional Programming. One of the key speakers of the Summer School was Rinus Plasmeijer, the well-known specialist of functional programming who already visited the Budapest CLC and met former Master School students in November 2014.

On behalf of the Budapest APG’s management, Zoltán Horváth and Zsuzsa Várhalmi gave a presentation on EIT Digital, the Master School and the Doctoral School to the students.

After the formal session, the Budapest team took the students to the Sziget Eye which is currently the highest mobile Eye in Europe. The participants could discover the beauties of Budapest due to the sightseeing and they had a great experience getting to know the EIT Digital and the Budapest APG.

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