Origone Cyber-Security scaleup joins EIT Digital Accelerator

Origone Cyber-Security scaleup joins EIT Digital Accelerator

Oxfordshire Cyber-Security firm Origone has joined EIT Digital's Accelerator programme to help scale up its business across Europe.

Based at the prestigious Harwell Science Park in Oxford, UK, Origone joins the EIT Digital Accelerator with ambitions to build itself into a global cyber-security software business.

Origone's software provides large corporates and SMEs with comprehensive protection against ever-changing email malware threats, such as ‘phishing' and Trojan Horses, that can cause havoc at organisations. The clever software dis-assembles and sanitizes all incoming messages and attachments before they can be opened, giving businesses a powerful protective shield against cyberattacks.

Origone will participate in EIT Digital's Digital Infrastructure Action Line which supports innovation in areas including infrastructure itself, convergence of computing and networking, integrated cybersecurity and privacy, and built-in intelligence. As well as providing coaching and expert advice, the Accelerator will open doors for Origone to corporate customers and partners, and to targeted venture capital investors from across Europe through EIT Digital's Access to Finance programme.

EIT Digital UK Director, Dennis Moynihan said:

"We're delighted to welcome Origone to the Accelerator. They've got a ground breaking product with amazing prospects. There's great synergy in them coming on board; businesses of all sizes and in all sectors are looking for reliable, high-performance, security solutions that are easy for employees to use and do not require costly integration and management. Origone are looking to grow their business by expanding into key European markets.

"The Accelerator can help by giving them access to expert guidance and experience and an unrivalled network of industry partners and technology investors from across Europe - that's where we can make a real difference. We look forward to helping Origone gain that vital access to market and to truly scaleup to its full potential."

CEO of Origone Jonathan Partouche said:

"We have really ambitious plans to grow our business across Europe. Our product has huge appeal to SMEs who place a high value on security and who are looking for a simpler, seamless, one-stop solution to protect their infrastructure. We're looking forward to working with EIT Digital to gain access not only to markets and customers but to the expertise that can help us take our brand to the next level."

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