Opportunity Recognition for EIT ICT Labs Doctoral School

On June 17-20 the I& E module in Opportunity Recognition is held at KTH and the EIT ICT Labs Stockholm Co-location Centre.

It follows the 2 days of Raising I&E Awareness held on June 13-14. The intended learning outcome of the course, include but are not limited to the following:

• Enhanced awareness and ability to exploit the potential of their research.
• Obtaining a holistic understanding about the business development process at early stage.
• Gaining the ability to explain the business functions in a new venture and in an existing company and their connections to the strategy.
• Gaining the ability to apply industry specific knowledge.
• Knowledge regarding the new product/service development stages and processes.
• How to recognize business opportunities and exploit them.
• How to be able to evaluate the business opportunities in the field of high technology.
• How to be able to conduct a market assessment (including market demand, customer expectations, and customer value).
• To obtain the necessary pre-business planning skills (including IPR and business modeling).
• To show more entrepreneurial skills (presentation skills, negotiation skills, team work coordination).
• How to be able to differentiate and develop the knowledge and technology transfer systems in the academic and industrial setting (including open innovation and/or respective current paradigms).

Download detailed program: RA_OR_June_2013_Stockholm_flyer

Admitted to an EIT ICT Labs Doctoral School in ICT Innovation or doctoral candidate at KTH within or strongly related to the area of ICT.

By email to Doctoral School Office
Deadline June 10

Visiting student’s expenses (travel, accommodation, etc.) should be covered by the student’s home university.

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