Opencloud Factory to boost European expansion plan with EIT Digital Accelerator

Opencloud Factory to boost European expansion plan with EIT Digital Accelerator
Opencloud Factory to boost European expansion plan with EIT Digital Accelerator

Opencloud Factory, a network virtualization and security software firm, has signed up to the EIT Digital Accelerator to help scale up its business accross in Europe.

Headquartered in Spain, Opencloud Factory is a pioneer in network functionality virtualization (NFV), which allows companies to seamlessly deploy and manage network infrastructure services both on-premises and in the cloud, and provides solutions for secure access control for corporate networks.

Their innovative openNAC solution provides companies with full visibility and control over corporate networks and offers different infrastructure access mechanisms based on profile and behaviour, which can eliminate risks when threat patterns are detected.

In addition their Viapps product has helped put them at the vanguard of the NFV market - recognized by Gartner as one of the markets with greatest growth potential. Leveraging customer's virtualization capabilities, both on premise and in the cloud, Viapps allows for integration and automation of network infrastructure functionality, in a simple and easy manner, providing great operational and capital expenditure savings to organisations.

Founded in 2011, Opencloud Factory has key references in the finance, education or tourism sectors. With a consolidated presence in Spain and Latin America, where its products protect over 500,000 devices, the company has now joined EIT Digital to help boost its growth in four strategic European markets: France, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom and to target new customers in critical infrastructures, large enterprises, banks or telcos.

As part of the support offered by the EIT Digital Accelerator, Opencloud's management team will be provided office space at EIT Digital's Co-Location Centre (CLC) in Madrid. Looking ahead, in 2018 Opencloud Factory will be targeting venture capital investors from across Europe to continue its global expansion.

EIT Digital Madrid Node Director, Manuel Hermenegildo, said: "Having a competitive and successful company like Opencloud Factory on-board will strengthen EIT Digital's reputation and portfolio in Spain. We're looking forward to start working side by side with their team in our Madrid CLC facilities."

Albert Estrada, Opencloud Factory's CEO and cofounder, said: "Joining the EIT Digital ecosystem is a great opportunity to further develop our business accross Europe, while finding synergies with technology partners that can complement our solutions and services with key capabilities for our customers."

Opencloud Factory will also join EIT Digital's Digital Infrastructure Action Line - a core enabler of digital transformation through the provision of secure, robust, responsive and intelligent communications and computation facilities.

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