Olivier Festor new Research Director

Olivier Festor is a research director at INRIA Nancy—Grand Est where he leads the MADYNES research team. He has a Ph.D. degree (1994) and an Habilitation degree (2001) from Henri-Poincare University, Nancy, France. He spent 3 years at the IBM European Networking Center in Heidelberg, Germany and one year at the EURECOM Institute in Nice, France.

His research interests are in the design of algorithms and models for automated management and organization of large scale networks and services in the Future Internet. This includes monitoring, anomaly detection, safe configuration, fuzzing and vulnerability assessment.

He has published more than 80 papers in network and service management and serves in the technical program and organization committees as well as in the editorial boards of several international conferences and journals. He was TPC Co-chair of IFIP/IEEE IM'2005 and IFIP/IEEE in cooperation with ACM SIGCOMM CNSM'2011.

He was leading the EMANICS European Network of Excellence dedicated to Management Solutions for the Future Internet (2006-2010) and is current co-chair of the IFIP TC6 Working Group 6.6 and co-chair of the Internet Research Task Force (IRTF) Network Management Research Group (NMRG).

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