October kick-off for EIT Digital European Master School

October kick-off for EIT Digital European Master School

October kick-off for EIT Digital European Master School

Over 400 students from 50 different countries will gather in Rennes, France from 27-29 October for the start of the 2016 EIT Digital Master School programme. The event, dubbed the "kick-off", marks the get-go of Europe's premiere education programme for the innovation and entrepreneurial talent of the future. 

Willem Jonker, CEO of EIT Digital, will start the kick-off proceedings with a keynote speech highlighting the skills required if Europe is to stay ahead in a competitive digital world. During the three day kick-off event, the students will take part in a realistic business challenge competition which will see them pitching entrepreneurial solutions on the final day to a panel made up of digital entrepreneurs and professionals.

Learning to think as an entrepreneur is a key criteria for the EIT Digital Master School. The programme seeks out the best students from across the EU and equips them with cutting-edge technical knowledge and business skills so that they can go on to help assure Europe's role in the global digital economy. 

Students can choose to study from eight master school programmes taught by a network of top European universities. During the two-year course they will have to complete a work placement as well as a two-week summer school programme. Graduates of the programme will be rewarded with a double master's degree coupled with a certificate from the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT). Currently 20 partner universities in eight countries participate in the scheme.

100% of the students who completed previous Master School programmes are now either employed or are continuing their education (76% have jobs; 24% entered PHD-programmes) and nearly one third of those who are employed secured jobs before completing their studies. 89% of the programme's graduates work in Europe and 98% of those are employed in the technology sector. 58% state that they plan to start their own company within two years of graduation.

Prof. Anders Flodström, Director of Education EIT Digital said: "EIT Digital has positioned itself at the forefront of European education by creating courses for innovation and entrepreneurship. Our objective is to increase the quality, diversity and availability of the content supplied by high-level universities, research institutes and industrial partners of EIT Digital. Through this we are creating a recognised brand in the European higher education sector."

Key facts

Total students enrolled per country per year:
# Students
(total, cumulative)
2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
Finland 12 21 39 43 38 49
France 19 33 59 66 54 81
Germany 14 55 92 91 129 123
Hungary 0 11 15 11 18 38
Italy 13 28 39 56 52 72
Netherlands 15 35 52 96 118 119
Spain 0 0 0 19 32 59
Sweden 21 71 93 117 140 180
UK 0 7 10 15 14 0

Master Program per country:
Master programme availability by country FI FR DE HU IT NL ES SW
Cloud computing and Services (CCS) X X X     X   X
Data Science (DSC)   X X   X X X X
Digital Media Technology (DMT) X     X X X   X
Embedded Systems (ES) X   X X   X   X
Human Computer Interaction and Design (HCID) X X X   X X   X
Internet Technology and Architecture (ITA)   X X   X   X X
Security and Privacy (S&P)     X X X X    
Software and Service Architectures (SSA) X     X X X X  

European programme coordinators:
Cloud computing and Services (CCS) Axel Kuepper,
Data Science (DSC) Farideh Heidari,
Digital Media Technology (DMT) Markus Flierl,
Embedded Systems (ES) Juha Plosila,
Human Computer Interaction and Design (HCID) Erik Jansen,
Internet Technology and Architecture (ITA) Prométhée Spathis,
Security and Privacy (S&P) Peter Sziklai,
Software and Service Architectures (SSA) Maurizio Marchese,

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