NSN Open Innovation Challenge

The NSN Open Innovation Challenge is an opportunity to collaborate with Nokia Solutions & Networks (NSN) on game changing innovation - the kind of ideas, which will shape the future of the telecommunications industry. It is an opportunity for you to work with the best to transform your ideas into real solutions and real solutions into business. NSN looks for innovative ideas, technologies, or business models addressing two of the most disruptive opportunities for service providers today - Big Colossal data analytics and Telco Cloud. Read more about the challenge.

Some of these ideas will be proven IT/internet technologies ready to be applied in a new way to telco networks, others will be innovative ideas to make existing telco solutions smarter, better, faster, cheaper. Some ideas will introduce disruptive technologies or business models, others will be futuristic telco solutions.

Through this challenge, 100s of ideas will be assessed and the top few will get the chance to leverage NSN's global market reach and mobile broadband expertise. Others may be groomed by our independent venture vehicle, Nokia Growth Partners (NGP), who are actively investing in promising data and cloud startups.

Apply by May 10. 

Read more about the challenge.

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