NRC Live: The FinTech transformation

Patrick Essers, Node Director Netherlands

Patrick Essers, Node Director Netherlands

NRC Live

Building a FinTech -ecosystem. How can banks, researchers and innovative startups enforce each other? That is the topic Patrick Essers, Node Director EIT Digital will be addressing during the NRC Live conference in Amsterdam on 17 May.

NRC Live is an independent forum for professionals who want to stay abreast of new insights. NRC live is a sub-brand of the Dutch national newspaper NRC and focuses on organising discussions around innovation & technology, sustainable economy and entrepreneurship.

On 17 May NRC live holds the conference De Fintech transformation. The key statement of the conference is: tech changes finance; what is the role of your organisation in this digital transformation?

Essers is invited to talk about building a Fintech ecosystem. EIT Digital has recently opened an innovation centre in Amsterdam to bring together banks, scaleups, researchers and others to innovate and make the digital FinTech transformation happen. Essers: "We must connect and think across borders of both sectors and countries. Europe should be one giant ecosystem to compete in the global digitalisation of economies."

Keynote speaker of the event is Brett King, Futurist, CEO of Moven and best seller author Bank 2.0 and 3.0. He will talk about new standards in the field of customer experience and trust. During NRC Live you can also meet the founders of Bux, Moneyou, Yolt and hear how ABN AMRO, Aegon and De Nederlandse Bank choose a position in the digital transformation of the financial world.

Tickets are available starting from 349 euro for professionals are for sale at the website van NRC Live.

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