New innovative products and services will be presented at EIT Digital Italian Innovation Day

New innovative products and services will be presented at EIT Digital Italian Innovation Day

Digitalisation is transforming the traditional industry. It is changing business processes and enabling new business models in manufacturing, retail and health sectors. These and other issues of digital transformation of Europe and Italy will be explored at the EIT Digital Italian Innovation Day that takes place on December 15 in Trento. More than 30 exhibitors will showcase demos of disruptive innovative products and services.

At the EIT Digital Italian Innovation Day a high-level panel, moderated by the journalist Luca Orlando from Sole24Ore, will discuss opportunities for digital transformation and economic growth. Key actors from the Italian Innovation ecosystem will be present to discuss digital innovation and the corresponding transformation of the public administration, industry and businesses. Marco Bicocchi Pichi, President of Italia Startup, will give a keynote talk on innovation opportunities in Italy.

In Trento will be presented more than 30 demos of innovative products and services stemming from innovation activities, as well as and scaleups of the EIT Digital's ecosystem. Among them:

Fabtotum, a Milan bases scaleup specialized in 3D printing, milling and digitalization of objects, that has been recently acquired by the leading Italian software company Zucchetti. This acquisition, enabled due to the support of EIT Digital Accelerator, lead to FABtotum's commercial grow.

Trilogis, company based in Trentino, will present Mentorage, a completely device-free solution (i.e. the user does not need to wear a bracelet or other sensors) for the automatic identification of potential situations of danger for elderly people. Thanks to the support of EIT Digital Accelerator, this year it was launched on the French market.

ACTIVE (Advanced Connectivity Platform for Vertical Segments), an innovation activity that this year presented avionics prototype ready for commercialization. It is aimed at reducing numbers of wire harnesses and pins entering the fuselage and compartments in helicopters and airplanes, and to help avionics industry to make systems more efficient and to reduce costs.

Street Smart Retail will present WCard, a product launched on the market early this year. It works as an app, monitoring sales and promotions, analysing customer behaviour to target products, and providing other analytics data, which can be used by retailers to provide better solutions for their customers.

"Leveraging on over €70M of investments by EIT Digital, more than 130 partners across Europe have joined forces to create and deliver innovation in 2016" Roberto Saracco, EIT Digital Trento Node Director "at the Italian Innovation day 2016 we'll provide an overview of EIT Digital's recent achievements, with focus on Italy, as well as an outlook of the future prospective in the context of the Strategic Innovation Agenda 2017-19".

Participants in the EIT Digital Italian Innovation Day 2016 will experience an event full with interaction opportunities and hands-on innovation.

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