New graduates in line to become future data guardians

New graduates in line to become future data guardians

Seven students on the EIT Digital Master School Security and Privacy programme received their diplomas at a graduation ceremony on November 26. They joined around 200 other technical experts and innovators in collecting two Master School degrees and a certificate of the European Institute of Technology at the EIT Digital Masters School Graduation Day in Stockholm. They are part of a new breed of digital specialists who are as entrepreneurially focused as they are technically qualified to find new solutions to protect vital data.

With cyberattacks and data hacking becoming ever more prevalent the need for protecting and securing personal and corporate data has never been more pressing. Industry is looking for data security experts who not only have the technical expertise to find new innovative ways to keep data safe but an also an awareness of how to commercialise those innovations and bring them to market.

The EIT Digital Security and Privacy Master School programme answers that call by focussing on the design, development and evaluation of secure computer systems. It delves deep into the very complex and challenging field of information assurance. Students come away from the course with the tools to ensure confidentiality, integrity, authenticity, and privacy protection for information processed across networks together with the business acumen to help them commercialise new products and services in this field.

Dr. Patrick Hartigan, Head of the EIT Digital Master School said: "The emphasis today on cybersecurity and the increasing relevance of and reliance on cloud based applications, makes our security and privacy course a very important option for our students and our industrial partners. We don’t just run courses in a vacuum, our courses tap into the requirements of the commercial world because they are created in concert with our pan-European ecosystem of industrial partners, research institutions, SMEs and scaleups. It’s this collaborative approach that ensures our education programmes deliver the kind of entrepreneurial innovators that industry is looking for."

The Security and Privacy programme involves five partner universities: ELTE University in Hungary, Saarland University in Germany, TUD University in Germany, University of Trento in Italy and UT Twente in the Netherlands.

Students follow their masters in two universities and even have an additional summer school course at a third university.

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