Nearly twenty doctoral students from twelve different scientific fields attended the first creative workshop

Nearly 20 PhD students from 12 different doctoral schools participated in the creative workshop organized by EIT ICT Labs and the ELTE Center for Innovation, Technology Transfer and Grant Affairs

The aim of the event was to help participants to find solutions to those scientific problems that they deal with by working together and to deliver innovative and useable results.

Today's complex world gives us challenges that should be solved based on the combination of various results of different scientific fields. EIT ICT Labs launched this new initiative to help young researchers to get to know each other and to get familiar with other ​​research areas. It was shown that their curiosity to solve common problems helped them to experience the synergies arising from joint thinking and an efficiency increase due to the teamwork.

During the event, the members of the mixed teams were looking for solutions to real problems that involve at least 100.000 people. All members contributed actively to the implementation of the planned research and development activities.

The participants were looking for innovative ideas to solve the challenges listed below:

  • Developing a complex security test system (including testing pronunciation) used at borders;
  • Mining and analyzing new trendy words and investigating the possibility to use them for marketing purposes;
  • Developing an application to help improving pets’ health condition.

After the high-level presentations, young professionals had the opportunity to discuss the upcoming ideas and suggestions in front of the whole audience. The positive feedbacks received after the event confirmed that there is a need for events that provide the opportunity for young researchers to work together and get more familiar with researchers from other disciplines.

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