Moving on - From EIT Digital to IEEE FDC

Moving on ... Image credit: Sumacwasi hummingbird

I started blogging back in 2009 when I was the director of the Telecom Italia Future Centre. Then in 2014 I moved the blog to the EIT Digital (at that time EIT ICT Labs). Now, after having written 1185 posts hosted by EIT Digital I am moving on to the IEEE Future Direction Committee website hosting my blog.

Writing posts on a continuous base, I never skipped a single day, surely requires determination. But it also requires a good support behind the stage.  I was fortunate to have the cooperation of Miralem, the web master at EIT Digital, who ensured a smooth running of the web site even when the blog engine was changed for a new one. I like to take this opportunity to thank him.

Also I like to acknowledge the support received by several colleagues in tweeting and re-tweeting the various posts I wrote along these years.

EIT Digital has been a strong source of inspiration, as you could probably tell if you have been reading my posts. In my commentaries on technology evolution I often took into consideration the Innovation aspect, that is the shift from a research result into a market opportunity. The impact on life, the digital transformation that EIT Digital is driving, only happens when innovation hits the market and when people are using it. In the end it is the use of research results that will make a difference in our every day life. This requires the affordability (people need to be able to buy the product/the service) and its usability.  

I will continue to blog on the IEEE Future Direction Committee website, and will continue to keep an eye on the activities and results of EIT Digital to which I wish success in its endeavour, because its success is the success for everyone of us.

Author - Roberto Saracco

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