Mobile engagement pioneer Bookit joins EIT Digital

Bookit, Finnish pioneer of safe mobile engagement, has joined EIT Digital as a partner.

Bookit, Finnish pioneer of safe mobile engagement, has joined EIT Digital as a partner.


Bookit, Finnish pioneer of safe mobile engagement, has joined EIT Digital as a partner. EIT Digital is a leading open innovation organisation that brings together a partnership of 130 top European corporations, SMEs, startups, universities and research institutes. Leveraging EIT Digital’s pan-European ecosystem will provide Bookit with access to Europe’s top disruptive technologies, startups and new talent. It will also provide opportunities to collaborate with other EIT Digital partners in open innovation activities as well as opening new channels to bring innovations to market.

Every day Bookit’s Mobile Engagement Platform orchestrates hundreds of thousands of smart messages, helping companies build mobile customer experience and engagement by delivering the right messages to the right people at the right time.

Bookit works with major global companies across the logistics, travel, telecom, media and payments industries, including Amadeus, AVIS, DHL, Nets and Schenker. Bookit’s technology provides solutions for managing automated mobile payments as well as multi-channel real-time customer feedback. Bookit’s Engagement Platform is already used by companies such as network airline Finnair and the Finnish Railways.

Bookit’s proprietary technology enhances customer engagement through secure mobile transactions that leverage existing customer data and marketing insight. Customer communications remain independent of data connectivity or the nature of the channel, epitomizing the modern, omni-channel, conversational messaging framework.

Bookit COO Akif Ali said:

"We got interested in EIT Digital because they provide an excellent opportunity for a Finnish company to network at the European level. Traditionally, it has been a challenge for Finnish scaleups to expand outside of their home market. EIT Digital will provide us with new opportunities and the means to capitalise on them."

"We hope to find mutually value-adding partnerships through EIT Digital. Access to new markets will become easier as we will have access to a Europe-wide network, where we can operate through Innovation Activities as well as client bases."

About Bookit

Bookit was founded in 1999 by Jukka Salonen in Finland to create new mobile relationships between companies and the growing world of the connected customer. Bookit implements a wide variety of custom mobile messaging and transaction solutions to drive profitability and cost savings for enterprise customers. Headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, Bookit also has an office in Dallas, USA.

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