Meeting with the EIT KICs and Commissioner Vassiliou

At the invitation of Commissioner Madame Androulla Vassiliou, a meeting with the EIT KICs and Commission Services was held on March 17 in Brussels. EIT ICT Labs was represented by CEO Willem Jonker, CSO Martti Mäntylä, ESB members Emile Aarts, Jean-Pierre Banatre, Peter Gudmundson, Magnus Madfors, and Michel Cosnard, Executive president of INRIA.

The morning session of the event consisted of a keynote of Commissioner Vassiliou, stressing the role of EIT in the future plans of DG EAC. This was followed by a presentation of EIT's future strategy by the Chair of the EIT Governing Board, Martin Schuurmans, and presentations of the CEO's of the three KICs. The session was concluded with a roundtable discussion by representatives of DG EAC, DG RTD, DG ENTR an DG INFSO and the EIT representatives.

After a working lunch with Commissioner Vassiliou, other Commission representatives, the EIT Chair and the KIC CEOs, breakout sessions with each of the KICs took place in the afternoon. In the breakout session of EIT ICT Labs, several concrete themes for co-operation were identified, notably the recently launched Future Internet PPP and large-scale ICT infrastructures for data-intensive applications. In both areas, concrete alignment of actions is expected. The importance of the recently released Green Paper was recognized, and EIT ICT Labs agreed to provide its feedback.

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