Meet our students: Sofia Johansson

Sofia Johansson

Sofia Johansson

Sofia is surprised to have ended up at the EIT Digital Master School after studying philosophy, psychology and international relations in the United States. But her passion for design, human behaviour, technology and entrepreneurship led her to EIT Digital Master School's programme in Human Computer Interaction Design (HCID).

After she finished high school in Sweden, Sofia Johansson was granted a scholarship in liberal arts and sciences, and she mainly focused on social science subjects such as psychology, philosophy and international relations. Following the end of her scholarship, Sofia's educational journey took quite a different route.

"Instead of continuing with social sciences, I began studying engineering within Information Technology at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Sweden. I also spent a semester as an exchange student at Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires (ITBA) in Argentina. Currently, I am enrolled in the EIT Digital Master School as an HCID student. I completed my entry year at the KTH in Sweden and will do my exit year at the University of Trento in Italy".

Sofia discovered the EIT Digital Master School through KTH, an EIT Digital partner university, who provided bachelor students with the option to study one of the eight EIT Digital Master School Programmes in the IT field. "I applied to the EIT Digital Master School mainly because I am passionate about design and human behaviour connected to technology. Since then, I have been discovering an interest in innovation and entrepreneurship."

Right now, Sofia is not exactly sure of what she wants to do in the future. Her education has prepared her for different options:. "I am thinking about joining a consulting firm or a trainee programme to learn additional practical skills and to find out which business areas suit me best. I am also interested in opportunities as a UX/UI designer, which is in line with my master's course."

Thanks to the EIT Digital Master School, her entrepreneurial interests might also lead to a career choice of starting her own business.

She said: "I really like the idea of starting something of my own. In her last semester of the EIT Digital Master School, some of my classmates and I already started something. We had an idea to help asthma patients and we are now trying to develop a business out of it. We received some initial funding from the Asthma Association in Sweden to start building functional prototypes. We all stand behind this. The only problem is that we will be studying in different countries next year, so that makes the communication and decision-making more difficult".

In the future, Sofia truly sees herself building her own company in a start-up with a higher purpose to improve the lives of people. "I would prefer working within the medical or environmental field. Helping others is close to my heart," concludes Sofia.

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