Meet our students: Samridhi Singhi

Samridhi Singhi

Samridhi Singhi

Samridhi Singhi

Samridhi Singhi

"I acquired the right ammunition"

More than forty students from all around the world gathered in Trento during the first two weeks of July for the EIT Digital Summer School on Cybersecurity and Privacy, organized as part of the Digital Infrastructure Action Line.

Each of them came with different expectations and with a different background. Samridhi Singhi decided to enrol in the EIT Digital Master Program in Data Science at the Technical University of Eindhoven after working for two years in India as an IT engineer at Cisco.

"I discovered the Master School online: I was looking for a university where I could do my masters and I came up with EIT Digital. It stood out from all other programmes because it merged the technical with the entrepreneurship part, and I also liked the fact that coursework was split between two universities in two different countries with a dual diploma at the end" she says.

All EIT Digital Master School students need to participate in a summer school. When it came to choosing which summer school to attend, Italy was a no-brainer for Samridhi. Mountains, nice weather and lakes and good food were certainly behind the decision, together alongside the school's topic. "I don't have previous experiences in cyber security, but after the recent hacking attacks, there's a lot of awareness around it, so I wanted to learn more. Obviously, my goal was not becoming an expert, but now, at least when I have an idea or think about an application, I can also take into consideration the security aspect in my thinking."

Next year, she will be doing her Master's specialisation at Berlin's Technical University. "The first year is going good. But in the beginning, it was hard to adjust. The course is divided in quarters, whereas in India, it's split in semesters. Also, the European system is very different; but once I got the hang of it, it was really a nice experience," she adds.

The knowledge acquired during the school will be most likely put to good use also in the future. "What I learned about entrepreneurship is that it's not a one-time thing, when you start it, you have to keep doing it. Right now, my plan is to finish my thesis and see what happens. But if I decide to follow that path, at least now I have all the ammunition required."

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