Meet EIT ICT Labs Startups at CeBIT 2015

At CeBIT, one of the biggest IT B2B trade fairs of the world, a number of EIT ICT Labs coached startups will network in the special Future Match matchmaking area, exhibit their products and catch up with investors and partners. Here a few startups you can meet:


CHINO provides a cost-effective service for mHealth apps to store and share privacy sensitive data. For small-groups or single entrepreneurs CHINO exploits state-of-the-art security mechanisms to offer a set of secure API, enabling developers to focus only on the app creation and gaining competitive advantage.


With Homey, a device by Athom, you’re able to control your smart home remotely. Tell it what to do and it takes care of it, just by listening to your voice. Homey features all wireless technologies, so it works with any device, from any brand. Next to controlling, Homey can be used to monitor your home when you’re away, and it can give you information you want: Ask it about the weather, emails, calendar appointments, Homey answers. PS: Athom applied for CODE_N successfully. You will find them in Hall 16! 


Infozone is the ultimate tool for mobile and local search of relevant information and offers, further more a platform that businesses use to interact with clients as well as to engage and attract customers. It is also an application to tailor the world according to users’ needs/desires and it also provides users with easy access to promotions, special deals and discounts.


Sentryo uses semantic graphs and other advanced visualization techniques to help industry professionals, who are not cyber security expert, to get full situational awareness and monitor their Industrial Control System in order to identify weakness and to prevent abnormal behavior.


i-locate ( is the system that will allow citizens to be guided (through a smartphone) across outdoor and indoor public spaces. E.g. Public officers will be able to locate devices on a map and will be guided to their location. Once found, it will be possible to read, through the smart tag, relevant information such as operating instructions, etc.


Outdoor infrastructure as a service for smart cities and IoT including LED lights, sensors, apps & cloud services in smart cities to reduce the cost of electricity up to 80 percent. This economic and ecological solution can simply be integrated by replacing the existing electrical ballasts in the lights and replacing their existing Lamps with ICE LED Lamps. PS: ICE gateway will also battle in the REW Pitch at Scale 11.


TESTFABRIK supports you by optimizing your test processes. The result is sustainable and efficient. Reliable and fast. With expertise and individual modules tailored your needs. For web application diagnosis that you can depend on. Test automation saves time and money.


3YOURMIND is a 3D Printing company founded by graduates of the Technical University Berlin which creates building models. This includes projects in the fields of architecture, mechanical engineering or plant construction. 3YOURMIND also does projects for marketing purposes like give-aways, exhibitions or fairs. The 2D or 3D data from all major CAD programs provides the basis for a 3D printed model.


SecureBeam enables users and SMEs to combine all their cloud storage to the biggest and safest place in the web. SecureBeam encrypts and splits each single file right on your smartphone or Desktop and beams the data chunks into different cloud stores. Only the sender and the receiver are able to read the data - SecureBeam enables the user to take back control of their data, right on their smartphone.


The FlashPoll app for smartphones is an innovative approach towards a better involvement of citizens in municipal decision-making processes through location based flash polling. The FlashPoll Tool facilitates the process of providing instantaneous sets of public opinion on current political and societal topics. The research and development project "Developing a Municipal FlashPoll Tool" aims at identifying municipal areas of application for mobile citizen participation.


We introduce a new and original approach to predict energy consumption based on human dynamics analysis derived out of the anonymized and aggregated telecom data. The proposed solution could act on energy producers/distributors side as an essential addition to smart meters data for making better decisions in reducing total primary energy consumption by limiting energy production when the demand is not predicted, reducing energy distribution costs by efficient buy-side planning in time and providing insights for peak load planning.


Cloud database that is able to process millions of transactions per second, solve analytical queries over TBs of data in seconds and correlate millions of events per second with stored data.


Small device to be put on any pair of glasses that allows visually impaired people to have a better understanding of the world around them. It interacts with the user through voice and it works standalone.


Many of the Internet of Things connected devices will be offered on a service basis where a time used or resources used will become a basis for payment. We offer a protocol for digital money payment in real time (pay-as-you-go) for all services on the Internet of Things. No invoices, no collection and no personal database to be hacked. Sensors, readers, monitors, transponders of even very small size will receive and send information securely encrypted despite their low level computing capability and limited battery power. The installed digital payments may span from micropayment or macropayments.


Ecogriddy is an advanced mini and micro smart grid control system. It creates a network of energy producers and consumers, allowing a deep optimization. Always up to date and central managed. Bring the Internet power in your electrical plant. Real time network optimization driven by big data analisys with our bleeding edge technology. Works on both existing and new built power plants, even if you don’t own a renewable power production plant. Save your money for things that matters to your family.


The power quality evaluates the power flows in the grids in terms of continuity, quality, frequency, and waveform, and is an element that has an influence of primary importance for the functionality and cost of management of any complex system operated by electricity. We built PiKu an innovative device to monitor and assess power quality. The utilization of open-source software components imply that this products is highly innovative, open, cheaper and so suitable for the sensing and processing of a lot of electric nodes locally or remotely.


YAMGU is a smart social travelling experience. It tries to provide the urban life of locals, by engaging the territory and enjoying local events, in real-time. 


LocuSense offers a new technology for indoor positioning and asset tracking using no other source than the communicating, low-cost, robust, wireless tags themselves. No cables. No GPS. No need ti install and configure base stations, detectors or scanners. No central management or coordinations function.


The bttn communicates with the powerful servers in the cloud. They dispatch messages and actions to almost any internet services so that what you want gets done. When the Magic has happened the servers notify your bttn that the deed is done.


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